I am happy to be a part of this program. Being here surrounded by youth makes me feel young myself. Regardless of other programs I had to attend today, I preferred to come to this program. It was interesting to meet new younger generation. I really enjoyed this program.

Baibhav Poudel
Entrepreneur Hospitality Sector

I found Appreciative Inquiry Approach is the paradigm shift of thinking, doing and being. I have learned lot of new things which I never expected before coming in the training and most important thing is that everything discuss in the training were very much important to produce the best result of my organizations as well as my personal life.

Shankar, Canada.
Ex-Principal ACE Institute of Management, Nepal

I heard about Appreciative Inquiry Approach long back but never experienced. When I participated in this training I didn’t know how I spent 4 days. The powerful content, deep knowledge of facilitator in subject matter, attracting presentation styles, examples from the different sectors of the worlds and engagement in group works made me alive and enthusiastic this training. I am sure; I can train other people what I learn here.

Associate Prof. Kiran Bajracharya
Chairperson MIDSON Nepal

I have attended three AI Training workshop, first in Family Health Division(FHD) ,then MIDSON and KAMHSON. In my experience the workshop was very much fruitful, gives energy and develops new spirit for self and development . Therefore I have already incorporated this topic in Leadership and Management subject during the revision of Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing Curriculum-2012(2069), Purbanchal University . How ever the success of any program depends on the quality and role of the facilitator .The method ,technique of conducting the class and the quality of the facilitator is an important part for changing behaviour of the participants .In concerned to Dr. Lamichhane as a workshop facilitator ,I found

  • Well prepared and planned before the session.
  • Gives clear objective matching to the participants expectation
  • Considers the level of the participants and their experience
  • Uses appropriate methods and media in the session
  • Uses real story for examples to encourage and to think positively to enhance and change the life
  • Gives recognition and value of the participants.
  • Uses various option to make the session interesting
  • Participants feel new spirit after each day session,
  • Each and every participants were very much like to stay with the session nobody had hurry to go back even after the session.
After training one kind of change found in my life that was patient ,courage ,peace in family and in organization ,gave power to face the challenge and recognise to other.

Sanu Tuladhar, RN,MN(WHD)
Principal, Kathmandu Model Hospital Nursing Campus

I had the pleasure of working with RC at the Institute of Cultural Affairs International conference in October 2012 held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our theme was ‘Building a New Sense of Leadership’. I was one of the coordinators for this theme and personally have over 40 years working in the field of organizational/community development. I work internationally as both a consultant and trainer. During this session I had several opportunities to work with RC. He presented an overview of the work of AI to our gathering of 50 people. He was well prepared for this presentation and had developed stunning large posters and a power point slide show to assist him in talking about AI. He presented in a clear slow manner so that all of the international participants could understand the concepts. He also facilitated one of the workshops of our group. He is skilled at setting a meaningful inviting context for the participants and continued to elicit participation and insights from those gathered. He also demonstrated a genuine interest in the participants and the questions we were exploring. Personally, I look forward to working with RC in the future and would highly recommend him to any client.

Janet A. Sanders
Owner/Director of PEOPLEnergy, 2-1 Olive Cres, Orillia, ON, Canada L3V 7N5

I found Appreciative Inquiry Approach is the paradigm shift of thinking, doing and being. I have learned lot of new things which I never expected before coming in the training and most important thing is that everything discuss in the training were very much important to produce the best result of my organizations as well as my personal life.

Anwny Amer

Appreciative Inquiry Training was all about the new insights and ideas which are very much relevant for me, my families and my organizations

Dr. Januka Neupane
Social Activist

After AI training, I found, my students and co workers are very friendly and cooperatives towards me. I can realize my perception has been changed by this training.

Sundar Gautam

The Appreciative Inquiry Approach has completely changed my perception. Now I can find out the life giving forces for unimagined positive change in my personal life and organization.

Prof. Tara Pokharel
TU Maharajgunj Nursing Campus Nepal

Dear RC Lamichhane, It was wonderful to attend the workshop on AI and evaluation at the Evaluation Conclave facilitated by Mr Ojha, Tessie and you. I found it a great learning experience as you delved deep into the various aspects of AI and how you have applied it in evaluation. With your background on research in AI , you also informed us about the resources we could refer to. I particularly enjoyed the exercises and this hands on learning will help me use AI for evaluation. I greatly appreciate your facilitation skills. Thanks a lot. Best wishes,


I have learned the AI in XiAn citi of ShanXi province in China with RC Lamichhane on 2012.That was the first time I learned the appreciate inquiry techniques as a psychological counselor of a university. The second time that I've learned about the AI on 2016 when I invited R.C. in psychological counselor center of Beijing Normal University to introduce the ways how to use AI in school education. What most attracted you in AI training What impressed me deeply about that memories almost ten years before, is that the amazing performance of the exciting students in this class about their own beautiful and attractive dreaming of their future. The positive power in AI can make everyone to be empowered and have the ability to take the challenge ,make changes or go out of the comfortable zone. The question itself contains the infinite hope and possibility. That power is very beautiful.
R.C. is an optimistic, positive coach always with a warm smile. Although the training ended many years ago, but i still can receive the greetings from my lovely teacher from time to time. This kind of feeling is very nice and powerful. Of course, nowadays, we are not only the relationship between teachers and students, but also co-walkers and friends. The special part of R.C. i really admire is that he has lived the spirit of AI into his life.

Prof. Dr. Vickey
Beijing Normal University, Peking China

The first time I knew and learned AI was in the year of 2010. I attended RC’s AI workshop in Xi’an,China, in 2013. It gave me a systemic understanding and practice of AI. RC’s training let me have a deeper understanding about the principles of AI practice. Those exercise inspired us to connect with our passion and wisdom. I am very impressive about RC’s deep understanding of the spirit and practice of AI. His instruction is quite clear and systematic, and his facilitation is very experiential and practical.

Ren Wei
Team Dialogue Coach, Professional Facilitator,Conscious Capitalism Consultant Shanghai, China

On 2019 I had opportunity to translate the Appreciative Inquiry Session of Dr. RC Lamichhane, here in Gounzhaou, People Republic of China. I found the facilitation style was very impressive and attractive and content was mind-blowing. All the participants of the programs were spellbound. It was life changing experience – Claire Jiang

Claire Jiang

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