Promote the positive cultures in individual, family, community and entire society by developing the strong alignments of the positive cores of Eastern and Western Philosophies to enable the sustainable development, peace and prosperity.

Discover the root causes of Success

Only those who can see the invisible are able to do the imposiible (Frank L. Gaines)

ERIPS facilitates to discover the root causes of success and possible factors of their expansion.

Recraft your Dream

Do you know your dream?
The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
—Eleanor Roosevelt


Redesign your future

"Design creates culture.Culture shapes values. Values determine the future." — Robert L. Peters

ERIPS facilitates synthesize the ideas and decide on what changes can be accomplished.It helps to determine how to co-create the change - across the whole organization and with external partners.

Deliver the WoW

Delivery is about being more efficient, it's about numbers, and it's about extracting costs. —Ronald M. Shaich

ERIPS fosters to create workable plans and implementing strategies. It helps to identify and develop how the plans can be sustainable.

Unleashing potential for Positive Transformation.

ERIPS believe that every individual or Organization has enormous untapped potential for transformative change. Unleashing of that potential can bring the unimaginable changes in the organization as well as personal life. ERIPS apply the world class approaches to unleash the positive potential of individual or organization, which facilitate to bring the positive transformation of individual or organization. ERIPS has special expertise on application of such strength based approached including "Appreciative Inquiry" Social Artistry", Assets based Approaches and Eastern Philosophy based approaches.


Core Strength

  • Institutional Development,
  • Experienced and Dedicated Human Resource,
  • Wide Range of Specialized Capacity Development Program,
  • Expertise on Appreciative Inquiry, Peace Building and Local Development,
  • Expertise and Social Science Research

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